Capes /// Blanket coats

Capes definitely have their charm, they’re so chic. That “I don’t even have to be able to properly raise my arms, I’ll just let others come to me and do stuff for me” kind of chic. And they are absolutely IN. Alluring. THEN I tried one on in Promod and I realized, they’re probably not my thing. For starters, is it possible for a cape not to fit? Or is this just me? Do I enjoy unrestrained movement too much to let it go? And even more crucial than that, I know my arms would freeze. I would only be able to wear my capes on those 20 days a year when I normally just carry an extra pullover or blazer in case it gets cold in the evening. My arms and hands are always cold. I can’t let them stay outside of my coat if I want them to behave normal!

Blanket scarves or coats – the other huge sleeveless outerwear trend going on right now – are on the other hand a whole different story. I mean you can wear them ON TOP OF YOUR COAT! Isn’t that great? For a person, who’s constantly freezing, it’s the best thing ever! Also, you can bring new life to your coat-game, change your old pieces up really easily. I have strong intentions to try this one. Maybe even DIY it! There are so many good tutorials out there… I’ll just have to find the right fabric for it. Or the right blanket, for that matter.


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