Ma gyönyörű karosszékeket nézegetünk // Today we’re thinking about beautiful armchairs

Lehet, hogy nem lennének kényelmesek, de ezek nagyon tetszenek! / It doesn’t matter whether they’d be comfortable in real life, I love these!

Bubik! / Bubbles!

Cafe in Beijing // Penda

Wooden box shelves and planters populate the gridded metal framework installed around the perimeter of this cafe in Beijing by design collective Penda.

The Apartment

Studioilse has gained international renown for creating interiors that are about life rather than objects, exploring how a space becomes a home. They redesigned the interiors of The Apartment to reflect Ilse Crawford’s design philosophy centered around human life and behaviour. They’ve created a homely space where design is experienced rather than exhibited, and where guests can enjoy an informal atmosphere, kitchen suppers and lively discussions. Local eatery Atelier September hosts a restaurant at The Residency kitchen every Thursday and Friday night with a menu that changes daily.