Mia Maestro X Cecilia Paredes

Nem új, de… Lebilincselő. // Not new, but… Captivating.


Escher-szerű // Like Escher

In this iOS game, Monument Valley by ustwo, these beautifully rendered M.C. Escher-inspired levels literally turn the player’s world upside down, requiring experimentation by pushing and pulling architectural elements to help navigate the silent white-capped princess protagonist, Ida, across an array of optical illusion pathways and staircases, all painted in a soothing spectrum of graduated color palettes.



Rafael Varona / Illustrations

Szeretem az animált gifeket. Főleg a cukikat. Ezek pedig nagyon cukik. // I like animated gifs. Especially cute ones. And these are really cute.


illustrator Janine Rewell / / shoe designer Minna Parikka


“The project Body Painting and Scandinavian Springcame about as Rewell pondered the possibilities of what she perceived as an under-explored art form in body painting. Parikka, who had worked with Rewell before, was pleased to get on board and provide the footwear from her spring collection. Serving as further proof that the life of a model isn’t all glamour, the girls had to stoically endure as the artists carefully transferred Rewell’s killer geometric designs to the skin, taking into account the effect of slight movements or stretching of the skin, and the photographers’ angles.”