AKRIS x Sou Fujimoto

Az Akris 2016 tavaszi kollekcióját az egyik kedvenc építészem, Sou Fujimoto munkássága ihlette. A bemutató díszletéül még az egyik házát is “újraalkották”! Hát nem szuper? // One of my favorite architects, Sou Fujimoto was the inspiration of Akris’ 2016 spring collection. They even “recreated” one of his houses as the show’s venue! It’s really cool, isn’t it?

És kezdődhet a játék! Vajon melyik ház lehetett az inspiráció ezekhez a ruhákhoz? Amik amúgy a kedvenceim a kollekcióból. // And the game begins! Let’s try to figure out which house was the inspiration for these particular dresses. My favorites from the show, by the way.

„We share a vision to create an effortless relation between the body and the environment with utmost simplicity.“



raf simmons x DIOR x louvre

Raf Simons 2012-es bemutatkozó bemutatója után újra virágba borította a Dior kifutóját. Ezúttal a Louvre udvarán. A New York Times time-lapse videója egész lenyűgöző róla. // After his debut show for Dior in 2012, Raf Simons chose to make a venue covered in flowers, again. This time in the middle of the courtyard of Louvre. This time-lapse video made by New York Times shows exactly how astonishing it was.

És ha már itt tartunk, maguk a ruhák is elég mutatósak lettek! // And if we are here, the clothes themselves were also quite pretty!

A balett terei // Spaces of ballet

Mostanság nagyon rákattantam a Ballet Beautifulra. Múlt héten, mikor túl lusta voltam magához az edzéshez, kutattam kicsit az építészeti terek után, amelyek befogadják a balettet. Ez a két érdekes megvilágítási mód nagyon megtetszett!

Drama Studio // Franco Tagliabue, Pietro Bagnoli // Milan, Italy

Ballet Studio // Y+M Design Office //Tokushima, Japan

I’ve become a huge fan of Ballet Beautiful lately. Last week when I was too lazy to actually do the workout, I researched the architectural spaces of ballet instead. I was delighted to find these interesting lighting ideas!

Geoffrey Johnson’s urban (outer)space

Geoffrey Johnson’s human figures fade into almost transparent urban scapes. His paintings successfully capture the alluring space between abstraction and realism.

Pictures are from here, here, here and here!

Zöld felújítás // Green renovation

Van egy csúnya házad? Ültess elé fát! // Got an ugly house? Plant a tree in front of it!

Vo Trong Nghia Architects / Renovation / Hanoi, Vietnam

Menedék / Shelter

Egy ilyen helyen varázslatos lehet korizni! // Skating must feel magical in this environment!

Skating shelters / Patkau Architects / Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a city of 600,000 residents located on the Canadian prairie. It is the coldest city of its size outside of Siberia. Winter can last six months. So learning to celebrate winter – learning to take advantage of the opportunities that winter provides – makes sense.

A program has developed to sponsor the design and construction of temporary shelters located along the skating trails. Our proposal consists of a cluster of intimate shelters, each accommodating only a few people at a time. They are grouped in a small ‘village’ to form a collective … of ‘something’ … irreducible to a single interpretation. They stand with their backs to the wind like buffalo, seeming to have life and purpose as they huddle together shielding each other from the elements.

Each shelter is formed of thin, flexible plywood which is given both structure and spatial character through bending/deformation. These are delicate and ‘alive’ structures. They move gently in the wind, creaking and swaying to and fro at various frequencies, floating precariously on the surface of the frozen river, shaking off any snow that might adhere to their surfaces. Their fragile and tenuous nature makes those sheltered by them supremely aware of the inevitability, ferocity and beauty of winter on the Canadian prairies.